2-Year Warranty

What our warranty covers: Stryke Singapore Chairs have a warranty period of 2 years against: a) Missing parts/components at the point of delivery. b) Defect materials/parts used at the point of delivery. c) Manufacturing defects that fails to perform within the description.
What our warranty does not covers: a) Wear and tear of the material, inclusive of cuts or any damages resulting from an accident, misuse,          abuse or negligence of the product. b) Aging of materials which are expected during the period of ownership. c) Damaged product caused by any modification or addition that are not approved by Stryke                             Singapore d) Damaged product caused by contact with animals e) Damaged product resulting from improper assembly or failure to follow assembly instructions. f) Product usage other than domestic and private setting.
Limited Warranty: 1) Stryke Singapore reserves the rights to refuse any warranty claims if we have reasons to believe              the claim is fraudulent and will be discontinued for the remaining warranty period. 2) Stryke Singapore reserves the rights to determine if any warranty may be claimed. 3) Warranty will only be valid for chairs that are purchased from our website; www.strykeshop.com.
How to submit a claim? Please submit your warranty claims to support@strykeshop.com within 14 days of noticing the defect with your proof of purchase invoice. Clear photos and videos of the alleged defects must be provided, otherwise the claim will be deemed invalid.