About Us

Stryke was founded by Shawn Wong with the vision of creating a chair with world-class comfort and superb sleek design at wallet friendly prices. We pride ourselves highly on bringing the most comfortable chair, hence our slogan – “Let’s Get Comfortable”.

The opportunity came during “Covid 19- Circuit Breaker” when we had to Work-From-Home. Spending many hours sitting on a computer chair, and with back injury like Slipped Disc has proven to be very detrimental for my back. I began my search for a good ergonomic chair but concluded that the prices of these popular brands are on the higher end, and I was not ready to spend the money. That is when I decided to create Stryke, to make it wallet-friendly without compromising the comfort and design of the chair. 

Unlike many other chairs, we chose the seat cushion to be thick. This ensures true comfort when sitting on it, especially for prolong hours. Stryke chair paired with our signature neck and lumbar pillow to maximize comfort, is also designed to best support our back and improve posture.

We will bring comfort to the next level.

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